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Interpersonal Relationships Counselling-

No man can live alone he/ she needs people. One of the most important contributors for a happy life is creating strong interpersonal relationships with others. Relationships are key to lead a satisfactory, fulfilling and contented life, still maintaining healthy relationships with few people who are important in our lives can be challenging at times. The relationships that we have in our lives are not limited only to family or friends, but also extend to neighbors, colleagues, society etc. who also constitutes an important part of our lives.

We are here and can help you to understand your role to create and maintain healthy relationships with others and also helps you in identifying unhealthy or toxic relationships that may cause more harm than good to your lives. Contact us today, and maintain healthy relationships with your people.

Business Counselling

We guide, advice, council and motivate entrepreneurs and business owners through all the issues and solutions related to a variety of topics which includes everything- growth strategies, financial forecasting and analysis, human resources, talent management, performance management and managing growth. We are a company with a team of Experts and Advisors with entrepreneurial experience that provide insight and tools to help entrepreneurs and business owners maximize their opportunities for growth and success.

Marriage Counseling

Out all the relationships we have in our lives, the most complex relationship is with our spouse/partner. It is the most precious and important relationship that we invest the most and the one that can cause the most stress when it doesn't goes in the right direction. Our happiness in our lives is directly proportional to how well our marriage is going. We are here to help you Feel heard and understood in our meetings. We help you to Recognize the underlying resentments and patterns that have caused your marriage Relationships in so much pain. With us you can learn how to reconnect and work through the pain. During the counselling you will learn new tools/ ways to reconnect with your partner and maintain the reconnection in your marriage. Always remember that the Objective of the Marriage Counselling/ therapy is to help you figure out what you want from the marriage, individually and collectively as a couple. Our therapists do not take decision on your behalf we simply guide to but help you discover what you want from your marriage.

Balancing Professional and Personal life

What is the definition of Balanced life? Well it is really important to define this from everyone's perspective as the concept differs from individual to individua. The goal of a Balanced life is to be completely satisfied with every aspect of your life that includes work life, family life, personal life, spiritual etc. so that no one area can affect another aspect in any way. To have a job that you love, a family too cherish, the body you aspire, the social circle you desire- such a life is regarded as the perfect epitome of Balanced life. But such a view of life can also sometime cause undue stress, as much as lack of balance in itself, keeping us from being truly happy. Our team of experts and therapists encourage you to pause and reflect on the ever-evolving concept of balance. We help you to recognize the interconnectedness between different aspects of your life, find mutual value among the things of your life, define boundaries that work for you and ones that need improvement. However, this cannot be achieved suddenly, it can only be achieved through small and significant changes allowing you to build on them and can transform the quality of your life for the better and happy life.

Trauma Counselling

Life events of life like failure in Business, downfall in business cause trauma edit increases the risk of affecting your mental health. Emotional and psychological trauma occurs when you face a stressful event in your life that breaks you completely from Inside, also breaks your sense of security and ends up making you feel extremely hopeless and helpless in life. The effects of psychological trauma can be very dangerous and can also result in depression. It becomes very important to seek timely help if you are experiencing trauma in your life. We offer you a complete safe and non-judgmental surrounding atmosphere where you can open your heart and begin your healing process at an ease and pace that you are comfortable with and can feel better.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stress, Anxiety and Depression represent the most common conditions that badly affects a person's well-being. They can and do co-occur, and it is important to understand when you are facing them. It is very important to recognize when you are feeding stressed, anxiety, and depressed and when it requires clinical interventions. If you are repeatedly struggling and fighting with Stress, Anxiety and Depression and it is causing you to feel extremely low, you are loosing interest in things that you previously enjoyed, develop irregular eating, overthinking, feel hopeless then you clearly need a professional help and a right path. We are here to offer support and help you to rebuild your strength. With us you can Reframe such things along with focusing on your feelings and actions that can enable you to take better care of yourself.

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